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Micha Wiebe Profile


I'm Micha Wiebe, a UX specialist currently working for Barclaycard in Hamburg, Germany. For 4 years I design digital products like apps, websites and the software that supports them.


Skills and Tools

What I consider myself good at

UX Conception


User Research

Data Analysis

UX Writing

Product Design









User-Centered Design





Working methods

Some best practices I learned

Analyze the reason why we want this

To find a good answer to a UX problem you need to understand the goal before the solution. Only this way users, stakeholders and designers really get what they want.

Connect accross disciplines and tools

When I design, I harness the synergy of multiple tools, backgrounds and past experiences. For better solutions I like to work interdisciplinary and across cultures.

Invent and brainstorm

From what I learned the best features, performance and integration win users. This is why re-imagening and inventing new ideas are so important to succeed in design.

Test and interate with users

Even with short timings and no budget I need to test with real humans. To see design through the users eyes makes all the difference between mediocre and marvelous products.

Sketch Wiki

With the first posts dating back in 2017, Sketch Wiki is the first and most comprehensive website to learn Sketch in german. I share easy-to-read manuals for the tool itself, plugins and digital design basics with the community.

Sketch Wiki on a MacBook floatingSketch Wiki on a MacBook floating
Sketch Wiki on a MacBook floatingSketch Wiki on a MacBook floating

Side projects

Stuff I do and build in my free time

Micha Wiebe speaker at code.talks conference 2018

UI/UX curator at code.talks conference

In 2018 I joined code.talks as curator of the first UI/UX track at this conference. I oragnized and selected few top professionals in the industry to talk on topics like Design Systems, Accessibility, Design Trends and Design+Code.

News Aggregator made of Evernote, eMail and a few scripts

Design News Archive

As a full-time employee you're definetly going to lose track of every Medium Post on UX out there. I borrowed an idea by Aarron Walter and build a design news aggregator using only Evernote, eMail and let it sort by relevance.

Podlove Community Project


The Podlove community develops an open-source podcast-suite, but from time to time they lack in designers for their features. When needed, I join for conception and design like the Podlove Web Preview.

Design System for writing consistently copytext

Design System for UX writing

How can large organizations make sure that their communication is consistent? In a conceptual approach I applied the idea of Design Systems as living documents to a wording guide.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!